Future Certification of Crafts(wo)men for Lowest Energy Buildings  following the Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EU based on ISO  17024:2012 and ECVET

To implement the 20-20-20 targets of the EU's climate change and energy increased efforts of the memberstates are necessary. Especially in the field of thermal renovation of existing buildings, there is much to be done.

Project aims:

Ondevelopment of the Passive House Craftsmen Course PHCC 

Adaption to the actual state of the national and European frameworks

Development of a training module for thermal renovation of existing buildings 

Target groups:

Craftsmen, especially masons, carpenters, heating and electrical contractors  

For the training participants a personal certification according to ISO 17024 is provided

The courses meet the new European standard for Vocational Training(ECVET)